Thursday, September 18, 2014

happy trees and oil spills

originally published 5/29/10

I paid homage and poked fun at my first fascination with painting, Bob Ross! The show starts slow, then some music kicks in which is a little loud and the painting progressing nicely, the music stops at the 38 minute mark and we get some serious painting in, but then at 47 minutes all hell breaks loose and a volcano goes off, there's a major oil spill, and a Starbucks moves in to spoil the arcadian idyll of Bob Ross's beautiful place! you can fast forward to any point in the video!video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


Donald Wienand said...

I once did a Bob Ross painting too and i was surprising how well it went...
I did a winter "Lebensraum" and i actually used my credit card ( wich I cut in two halphs) for the "knife-work" of a shnowlayer on the top of a shed :)
Actually your mountains look quite well
Bob Ross live forever :)

alex schaefer said...

isn't that funny Donald? It does work. lol! and there is a major fun factor because you know exactly how it's going to look and it's very methodical. It's "reassuring" painting... but I like MYSTERY painting!!! ahahahah