Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bankers Behind Bars!

originally published 9/22/12

I've made a few variations from the original "Bankers Behind Bars" stencil that are available for anyone to use! Make stencils, make posters and signs, make t-shirts, make stickers I only ask that you protest with them! They are both designed to fit on 8.5 by 11 paper, but someone with a little bit of photoshop skill could easily make it bigger. And if you have a plotter or can make screen prints, have at it!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Alex Schaefer chalks Wells Fargo

Originally published 9/7/12 

Alex Schaefer and Bankers Behind Bars Productions continue with their chalking protest series of civil disobedience: I hope you enjoy the Wells Fargo edition.

My friend Stephen who was a cameraman for the protest said he saw private security flag down an LAPD cruiser, but for some reason, we can only theorize, the LAPD refused to engage us.

Stay tuned for more! And share the link however you can!

Predatory Lending :
MBS Fraud :
Bid Rigging :
Drug Money Laundering :

here's a link to Max Keiser's post about the video. I like all the comments!