Thursday, September 18, 2014

printing money

Originally published 09/2009

I've been interested in money lately and have been making various drawings of U.S. federal reserve notes. I think it would be fun to try and sell some as art, and also as a bit of a statement on the nature of money today. So in an effort to streamline the process, I cut a three color linoleum block print of a U.S. dollar. I finished the last block today and ran a few test prints to see how they look Im happy with it, not bad for my first try. Here's a scan of one of the cut blocks, and also the test print. The green stamp is a random stamp I'd made that I had lying around and when I sell them, I plan to add a few touches by hand as well as the serial numbers. ink on paper, 2.75 by 6.25 inches

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metaeducation said...

Speaking of Money Art, I find JSG Boggs to be quite interesting... have you heard of him? He draws very detailed pieces that look like money. He then spends it and then uses the receipt from the transaction to connect collectors of his work with the person who has the Boggs Bill...

Here's an article that talks about his process.