Thursday, March 30, 2017

PAINT! with Alex Episode 3: Monochrome Master Copy

Episode 3: Monochrome Master Copy
     This show starts off with a PRO TIP how to reduce-recycle-reuse your solvent; save money and be good to the environment!
    We also bring up the reasoning behind and how to "square-up" an image and canvas in order to use that technique to transfer the placement of the composition.
     Then like episode 2 we are working again in MONOCHROME and we start with our darkest dark BLACK (mix 70-30 burnt umber - ultramarine blue) and WHITE and between them we mix MIDDLE GRAY! expanding on our value scale we also mix another HALFTONE between White and Middle Grey and another one between Middle Grey and Black.
     With squaring up and five "notes" of grey on our palette we are ready to tackle blocking in our copy of renowned painting Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze

Thursday, March 16, 2017

PAINT! with Alex: Magic Middle - the First Halftone

Episode 2: Magic Middle: the First Halftone

This episode we start with Black (mix 50-50 burnt umber - ultramarine blue) and White and between them we mix MIDDLE GRAY! It's visually HALF WAY between white and black and so it is the first HALFTONE. It might not seem exciting because it doesn't say anything smart sounding or fancy, but we will learn more and more that this simple "value" on the scale of the "notes of the painter" gradating from white to black, is a fundamental, primal force for creating visual impact; easily as important as the concept of OVERLAP from episode 1.

Once we find that middle gray value I ask viewers watching to start an "eye keyboard" of their own and painting an 8" stripe of that middle gray mixture down the middle of a 14 by 18 inch canvas panel, then to the right and left of that paint straight white and straight black.

Then we take those piles of paint on our palette, white, middle gray and black, and whip out a cute Cat in the Window picture with a simple solid design easy enough for anyone to have fun with!

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Supplies To Get Started Learning To PAINT with Alex!

A viewer requested a "supplies list" that someone wanting to learn to paint needs to get started. It's not too much stuff and you can find it all online. I don't endorse any particular brand or online store at this time but I'll post links to specific supplies from Jerry's Art-o-Rama so you can get an idea what you are looking for... there are plenty of places to buy art supplies online so look for the best deal

OIL COLORS (to paint with)
Just three colors is all you need to start with: Titanium White, Burnt Umber, and Ultramarine Blue

BRUSHES (to mix paint with)
A few different sizes of FLAT brushes is all you need: #2, #4, #6, and #8. Brushes also come in BRIGHT, ROUND, FILBERT, etc but for the beginning , FLAT is fine

A simple "trowel" style is all you need to start with

PALETTE (to mix paint on)
I recommend a GRAY PAPER PALETTE, 40 sheets of coated disposable paper for painting (Along with the paper palette, you can get an airtight box that is made to fit the 12 by 16 pads to keep and transport your palette with less mess: For oil paint you just need to blue box)

BRUSH WASHER (to wash brushes with)
the small metal type is the best

SPIRIT (the liquid that cleans brushes)
I recommend GAMSOL, by the Gamblin Brand of paint supplies. This goes in the Brush Washer

MEDIUM (makes paint dry faster)
Look for an oil painting medium that speeds drying and contains "alkyd"

(not pictured)
This is up to your taste. there are kinds for standing, kinds for sitting, big ones, little ones, indoor ones, outdoor ones.  You can find them for sale used all over the place. Lots of art easels on Craigslist. I recommend a simple "A-frame" type easel for standing or table top, or a portable "French" easel which can be both

inexpensive is ok, especially to start with, and 16 by 20 is a good size, or smaller