Thursday, September 18, 2014

party like it's 1999

Originally published 09/2009

I liked the drawing so much I decided to start a painting! In many ways I think this painting represents the 'Dionysian' school of economics that has dominated U.S. central bank policy for the past 30 years! lol! i'm experimenting a lot with acrylic these days... I'm using matte gel medium as my 'white', a very limited palette of colors, and painting totally transparently on a very light pink ground. sort of like a painterly CMYK process... the gel medium is transparent when dry but 'milky' when wet... so I mix a 'tint' of each color with LOTS of gel medium, big piles, and then working on top a very light-value underpainting, I start slapping the paint on mainly going for broad color areas but here and there gradating some value... The "lighter" the paint is, the more gel medium hence the more transparent. as I get darker there's more pigment/less gel so it's darker. It's like painting watercolor with petroleum jelly. acrylic on canvas, 28 by 25

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