Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Cozad Here I Come!

A few months back I learned that an art-in-residence I applied for came back positive! And so the time is near, I'm excited to share I'm leaving Los Angeles for Cozad Nebraska Sept 24th via 1998 Toyota 4-runner for two weeks teaching and proselytizing about painting in the Spirit of Robert Henri for the Robert Henri Museum there in the city of Cozad, founded by his father in 1873. Robert Henri was a renowned teacher of painting and I feel that is something I have a talent for as well. I'm excited!!

I plan to TEACH America to PAINT! Starting from the Middle!

Unlimited Data, a new for me, starts the same day the roadtrip begins so expect to see streaming from the road and all new AV gear to take interacting with you live to the next level. Special Thanks goes out to the Contributors who are donating (and essentially buying art at the same time) for helping us get this cool new equipment! STAY TUNED! 

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