Thursday, August 2, 2018

the Battle of Anghiari

     Here's me whacking away at my depiction of the famously lost painting by Leonardo da Vinci, the Battle of Anghiari. The painting was doomed from the start, abandoned by the artist and left a dripping mess on the wall for decades; the centerpiece of the composition was least ruined and copied numerous times. I'm working from a few of these copies, particularly the most famous by Rubens, to resolve a painting on my own. It's a different type of "master copy" for me. I'm going El Greco with it, he's one of my favorite "old masters".
     It's fascinating to work on, I feel like I'm learning so much more about how and why he came about the composition himself... the refining of a moment of unbridled passion. Here's a couple earlier work in progress shots of this current work in progress, oil on linen 30 x 40

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