Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Workshop Update and a Painting of People Drawing

It is not going to be easy to get back into the habit of posting to my blog because it's just too easy to do it to facebook and instagram! Gaaa. Well here's a much needed blogpost. First off

THE WORKSHOP IS NOW ONE DAY ONLY: Sunday Aug 19th for $200 and you still get a free ticket to Pageant of the Masters that evening! It was too much to ask for three days; one day only is much easier. Check the REVISED post below...

Here's a recent painting I've been working on. It's a painting I've started of a drawing I posted a little while back. I'm composing the color and light from memory, working with the composition from original drawing, and then some of the parts of the painting are left over from a previous composition but still feel like they work for me. This is "in progress" but it's coming along! oil on canvas 24 by 36

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