Sunday, March 8, 2015

A summary of a Time when America was protesting 2009-2013

Originally published 2012

I'm taking over an old post so I can add a "recap" post that I can link to so folks get a timeline of my more "political" work: I never intended to be a political artist. I like plein air landscape painting and nudes and cityscapes. I always say that in an ideal world there would be no political art because we would have good government and peace, but we are so far from that. Starting in 2003, reading alternative news sources online, I started to see a different future than the one being painted in mainstream media outlets; there were reporters out there who were predicting the economic state we are in but they were called "fringe" news and conspiracy crackpots by the mainstream news readers we were supposed to be carefully listening to. Everything that has happened was already spelled out in articles and analysis I was reading years before. The subject of this global crashing economy I find compelling and I feel outraged and shocked; as an artist this eventually comes out into the world. The earliest political statement I could see was in 2004 I started a series of paintings of tract homes that were springing up along the freeways and coming over the tops of hills. I don't have any links on my blog because I started that in 2006, but I did find a couple recently that were unfinished and I've painted foreclosure signs on their lawns: and you can see some of them here: In 2009 an obvious political turn came in my work with a drawing of a parody ad for Chase Bank with a group of kids at the beach drinking Cabernet Beer Bongs I started making drawings of money: I made a wood block print of a dollar bill: in 2010 I started a series of "fuck the 80's paintings: Then the gulf oil spill happened At the end of 2010 I painted my first riot scene: In 2011 I started the first of a burning building series for a show at the Hive, this is a painting of the B of A building downtown: In July of 2011 I made my first protest video at the Federal Reserve building: Later that month I made my first plein air burning bank The second one I did got me the visit from the cops on the street and then detectives at my house 3 weeks later and the rest is art history, I've been a 'terrorist' ever since: I was on the Keiser Report over the painting on "The Art of Burning Banks": September 17th was the day Occupy New York broke out and in LA it was called the Day of Rage so I went out that day to paint the Federal Reserve burning: October 1st Occupy LA broke out: Max Keiser tapes a show in Los Angeles, "the Guernica of Financial War": In July 2012 I did a chalk protest at Chase Bank in downtown LA and got 12 hours in jail for vandalism I made another appearance on the Keiser Report, "I did more time than any Bankster": Then I gave Wells Fargo the same treatment:

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Disasters of War at Blackstone Gallery, Los Angeles

Blackstone Gallery patron Don Goldberg has an amazing album of photos here from the installation  and performances from the show, click here:

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Trouble: the Disasters of War at Blackstone Gallery

Multi-media collaborative painting and sculpture installation and performance by Alex Schaefer & Steven Thomas Higgins

A visceral response to US government sanctioned torture and our culture of endless money for endless war and the toll of this on our children and our sanity

Blackstone Gallery
Los Angeles, CA
December 20th 2014

Video Production by Homay Productions

Monday, December 8, 2014

The da Vinci Fires in downtown Los Angeles

It's getting all William Turner in L.A. these days. Or is it Ed Ruscha? I can't tell anymore

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Alex Schaefer-John Kilduff Plein Air Cityscape Collaboration on eBay

Alex Schaefer-John Kilduff Plein Air Cityscape Collaboration (9th and Broadway, Los Angeles)
Oil, Acrylic and Pastel on Wood
48"x 48"
Click Here to jump to the sale on eBay

This was painted entirely on location (en plein air) on the corner of 9th and Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles, California. Alex started the painting, John Kilduff finished it. Signed by both on the back. Alex Schaefer is best known for his burning banks series. And John Kilduff is best known for his cable access TV show "Let's Paint TV".

This is their first attempt at collaborating on a painting and it's a collectors dream because you are getting two artists in one painting; a playful and completely modern take on an old practice!

painting outdoors in the city is Street Art