Monday, July 18, 2016

Big Bernie Goes To Philly For The DNC 2016

Just taking a stab at raising some money for this trip. Bernie Sanders has started a revolution and there's no way after all this that his message begins to be dissolved and unfulfilled. So Bernie will be there. And the Delegates will be there. and Big Bernie will be there too! Crowd pleasing! Dancing the streets and and seeing the sights of Philadelphia! And everyone with a love for Bernie burning in their hearts will be there and speak up and make sure that the will of the people is seen and heard. here's the fundraiser!

Plus I want to go to a place I've never been and meet new people and spread the love of plein air! So every place that I take Big Bernie I plan to take art supplies as well and have fun Painting the Town!

There are perks! I'd be stoked to get anything really, but it's also a way to sell some art and sell the idea of paying for travel with art generated on the trip! It's a Win-Win!

$20 gets you a Postcard from Philly!
I will mail you a thank you postcard from Philadelphia with an original self portrait sketch
$50 gets you a Postcard from Philly & t-shirt!
You will get a personal thank you postcard with self-portrait sketch AND Bankers Behind Bars t-shirt from specify size and color
$300 + Shipping LIMIT TWO
8 by 10 plein air painting of PHILADELPHIA!
$300 and you have bought yourself and original 8 by 10 inch plein air oil painting cityscape made on the spot during the trip in Philadelphia if you know my work you know what to expect, here's a link to give you an idea: ... you will also receive a Bankers Behind Bars t-shirt from Homay Tee

$1600 + Shipping LIMIT ONE
20 by 16 Cityscape Painting of INDEPENDENCE HALL!
$1600 and you have got yourself an original 20 by 16 plein air painting which I will make of historic Independence Hall on location during the trip to Philadelphia! I will pour all my energy into this one and make a great painting for you, a slice of history to have and enjoy forever! You will also get a personalized postcard from the trip and a HomayTees Bankers Behind Bars T-shirt

click here for great perks! 

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