Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bank of America

I have listed a new painting of a bank on fire, this time it's Bank of America. Painted from life from the patio of my local Starbucks. More information is on the ebay auction. It's been quite exciting all this. The next big media appearance is going to be on the Keiser Report on Tuesday. The first painting I listed has already taken me over the top of my selling limit, but I called ebay today and worked it out so I'm getting to list this new piece. It's smaller and more affordable to a larger audience. oil on canvas panel, 8 by 6


note I've slightly reworked the sign and signpost with more reflected light from the flames. I can't edit the photo on the ebay auction so THIS UPDATED image on my blog is what the painting you are bidding on looks like. I think it's an improvement!

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Liam said...

Dude, your idea is being stolen by some evil French copycat!!