Saturday, February 27, 2010

Painting the Town!

this is the third attempt at the show. I think some things are better and other things will improve but it's a learn as you go process, but that's what's fun about painting and that's what's fun about TV on the internet. As for the continuation of the mini art lesson, if you click here on this past blog post -chiaroscuro- you can see further what I'm trying to get across... all things said I think I like the painting more than the show! ahahahahh!! oil on linen, 24 by 40

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Donald Wienand aka Circushund said...

Hi Alex,

I did a reply as vlog on youTube

Part I
Part II

alex schaefer said...

Hey Donald! I watched your vlog and I will vreply in a few days, I took some notes and will try to answer some questions...

alex schaefer said...

Hi Donald. I'm posting a video reply on youtube:

william wray said...

Alex you guys are a naturally funny team, but you need to work a little harder at being a little more funny during the dead spots if your not going to edit tighter. Think more in text speak and work tighter, an informal rehearsal would help.

Talk about how you can't think of anything to say or how boring watching paint dry can be. Joust with each other a bit more, both clam to be the best artist, Ask locals who they like better, bitch about stuff. Be good cop bad cop. Annoy other artists, find places to set up where you know they will ask you to leave. Conflict makes for funny entertainment. It would be great to see you start the show in love with each other then get into a fight by the end. Copy your favorite comedy team, analyze why you like any show that is/ was similar to what you guys do and steal... Go for it you have potential.

alex schaefer said...

I agree William, it could be a lot better. I think what needs to happen is "Painting the Town!" needs to become a plein air painting travel show with a crew and budget and everything. Like those fishing shows on cable, but painting!